Photo of Dr. Christenson and Dr. Oakley

If you are looking for orthodontic treatment for yourself or your child in Chesapeake, you will quickly realize that you have many options. So how do you know where you should go? At Christenson Family Orthodontics, our core values are Family, Service, and Community. With that focus, we are strive to provide premier, individualized orthodontic treatment to each patient. Here are a few things that separate us from the rest of the orthodontic practices and dental practices that offer orthodontics in Chesapeake:

• With a father—daughter team of orthodontists, you will have two trained orthodontists developing your treatment plan. Dr. Christenson brings 30+ years of experience and Dr. Oakley has been extensively trained in new technologies, such as clear aligner therapy, intraoral scanning, and using orthodontic mini-screws.

• Dr. Christenson served in the US Air Force for 22 years as a dentist and orthodontist. He has extensive experience with transferring cases both in (continuing treating a patient who got braces put on somewhere else) and out (getting you ready to move in the middle of treatment). We have a special appreciation for our military patients!

• Dr. Oakley is a working mother-of-2. She understands the challenges of making tough decisions about what is best for your child and the struggle of balancing the all the moving parts of parenthood! She will take the time to talk about your concerns and our team will work with you and your schedule to make orthodontics a positive experience for your whole family.

• Drs. Christenson and Oakley both put very high value on education. Both doctors are members of local dental and orthodontic study groups to ensure that they learn about new developments in the field. They take their team to National Orthodontic meetings every other year because they believe that an educated and motivated team will provide the ultimate level of service to each and every patient.

• Drs. Christenson and Oakley will clearly communicate to you when the right time is for your child to start treatment. If orthodontic treatment can be accomplished in one, comprehensive phase (rather than an early, limited phase followed by a second phase), it’s best for everyone. This keeps your child from feeling like they’ve been in braces since they were 7 and keeps you from having to pay for 2 sets of braces!

• The doctors and team of Christenson Family Orthodontics know how fortunate we are to be in Chesapeake and want to give back to the community. Dr. Christenson is an active member of the Chesapeake Ruritans Club. He has helped raise funds for college scholarships for high-achieving students of Oscar Smith High School. Dr. Oakley is a merit badge councilor for the Boy Scouts of America for the Dentistry and Public Health merit badges. The office is proud to sponsor the school programs and local teams that our patients participate in!

"My family and I absolutely love this place.I saw Dr. C as an adult and now all three of my children are patients of him and Dr Oakley. The staff is amazing and my kids love it there as well. I can’t say enough good things."

- Heather A.

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