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Impacted Teeth

Sometimes a permanent tooth fails to erupt. There are a number of potential causes:

  • Not enough space
  • The tooth developed at an angle
  • The tooth developed in the wrong spot

In some cases, creating space with braces or by extracting baby or permanent teeth will allow the impacted tooth to erupt. In other cases, an oral surgeon or periodontist will need to surgically expose the tooth so it can be pulled in to it's spot in the dental arch.

Replacing a missing tooth with an implant

"Canine substitition" to replace a missing tooth

Missing Teeth

Sometimes a permanent tooth fails to erupt. There are a number of potential causes:

After wisdom teeth, the most commonly missing teeth are upper lateral incisors and lower second premolars. When permanent teeth are missing, treatment options may include closing the space and just having fewer teeth or opening the space for placement of an implant or bridge to replace the missing tooth (or teeth). Drs. Christenson and Oakley can discuss the pros and cons of each option for you, including esthetics, cost, and treatment time.

Surgical Orthodontics

If the bones of the upper and lower jaw fail to grow proportionally, surgical correction may be necessary to position the bones so that your bite can be corrected. The videos demonstrate surgeries that move the upper jaw forward and move the lower jaw forward. Drs. Christenson and Oakley will do a surgical work-up on you to determine what treatment options will give you the most aesthetic, functional, and healthy smile!

Your treatment will most likely start with braces to align your teeth and get them ready for surgery. As you are getting ready for surgery, Drs. Christenson and Oakley will be working closely with your oral surgeon to plan your surgery. The oral surgeon will then surgically move your jaw(s) into a more ideal position. Finally, you will come back to Drs. Christenson and Oakley will finish your treatment.

Maxillary Advancement: moving the upper jaw forward

Mandibular Advancement: moving the lower jaw forward

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