Photo of a clear retainer

Separators (spacers) are required before placing orthodontic molar bands. An orthodontic band is sort of like a ring on your finger. ​

Since your back teeth are very close together, we will need to create a slight space between your back teeth so the molar band can slide over your molars easily and comfortably during your band fitting appointment.

Photo of a Molar Band

Things to know about separators:

  • Usually, the separators need to be in place for a few days to do their job. After a few days, the separators may create enough room between your back teeth so that the separators fall out on their own. This is perfectly fine and is NOT an emergency; it simply means there is enough room now. If they fall out more than 48 hours before your next appointment, you may need to come in and have them replaced.
  • Do NOT take the separators out on your own. Do not pick at them with your fingers, a toothpick or anything else because it will cause them to fall out prematurely.
  • Brush your teeth as you normally do with the separators in. They will not fall out even with vigorous tooth brushing. However, do not floss between the teeth that have separators.
  • You may eat normally with the separators in, but you should avoid chewing gum and eating sticky foods (caramel, taffy, Tootsie Rolls, Gummy Bears, Snickers or any other sticky candy) since they may cause your separators to fall out prematurely.

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